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Biographical information
Born June 10 ,1723
Turned August 19 ,1747
Cause of Death shot
Killed by Soilder shot
Status Unknown
Physical description
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Miscellaneous information
Portrayed By None
Age 286
24 (looks like)
Name Meaning None
Abilities Strength
Speed ,
Accelerated Healing
Mental Manipulation
Occupation n/a
Origin london england
Maker Karone
Family Tyler (father,deeased),Sara(wife,deceased) , Charles (son ,deceased)
Sign Gemini
Residence Eagle Harbor Vancouver

Zephyr is a Vampire born in the year 1723 he travel with Analiese, Tarquin and Rye

so far Zephyr has trun His wife Sara, his lover Eliza ,Analiese into Vampires