This is my entry for the fanfiction contest. I decided to do a story that uses both Austin & Ally's points of view. Chapter 1 only uses Ally's.

Chapter 1


"So you're cool with it? No hard feelings?" I asked.

"None. I'm happy for you!" was Austin's not-so-happy reply. I acted like I did even though I didn't. He walked away looking sad and kind of like he regretted something.Now I remember earlier: the singing, the question he never asked. I know it's probably all in my head, but had Austin tried to ask me out? Suddenly, it all seems obvious. He still likes me. Now I am doubting myself: did I say yes to Gavin to make hime jealous? I am not one hundred percent sure I do not have a crush on Austin. I mean the way he laughs, his smile, those beautiful eyes. Ugh! I don't know where to go. I know I am dating Gavin, but I feel like my heart belongs to Austin, and that he feels the same.

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