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Main Characters

  • Tom Welling as Clark Kent - 22 episodes
  • Erica Durance as Lois Lane - 22 episodes
  • Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer - 17 episodes
  • Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent - 17 episodes
  • Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen - 17 episodes

Guest Cast

Episode List: 2010-2011

Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate #
Apokolips Writer: Director: September 16, 2011 #1x01
Clark and Oliver end up on Apokolips battling Darkseid and the furies
Steel Writer: Director: September 23, 2011 #1x02
Clark meets John Henry Irons was a brilliant weapons engineer
Writer: Director: September 30, 2011 #1x03
Writer: Director: October 7, 2010 #1x04
Prankster Writer: Director: October 21, 2010 #1x05
The Lost Girl Writer: Director: October 28, 2010 #1x06
Lucy is found by Carlos who she feeds on him but is stop by Zephyr and Zoey. Jaden tells Zoey to leave with her kind and never return Rye by mistakes cast a spell and starts to believe she is a witch and does some reaserch.
Christmas ball Writer: Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson Director: Christopher Petry November 4, 2010 #1x07
Christmas ball at the Larson house.Jaden and Zoey try to help Lucy adaped to her new body well Tarquin wants to kill her , Zephyr meets Anna. Jaden saves Zoey from Zane.Lucy dies and Jaden gets Tarquin to take away Tristan memory that Lucy left town.
Taken Writer: Director: November 11, 2010 #1x08
Jaden is taken by Rohan who tells him that he cant trust throws vampires and that his desting is to destory them all and he will teach him how to use his mindbreaker powers as a pomise he made to his father but finds out he is abopted and his real last name is Alexandra.
Opening of Tomb Writer: John Chisholm Director: November 18, 2010 #1x09
Anna and Zane are back and they try to open a tomb where 17 vampires lay trap Zephyr,Zoey try to stop them while Tarquin captuers Rye and holds her pisoner so Anna and Zane can't use her.Joyce Parker dies after trying to break the spell.
My Nightmare Writer: Director: December 2, 2010 #1x10
Jaden go to Rohan to be trained for whats to come.Anna has a talk with Zephyr. Tarquin trys to comfort Rye about the death of her aunt.Logan avampire comes to Zane telling him that Aguila sent him to help both him and Anna.
The Past hurts Writer: Director: December 9, 2010 #1x11
Zoey meets someone from her past that trys to kill Jaden after Zoey kills him to save Jaden she tells him all about her past from the day she truned.Zephyr and Rohan have a fight.Rye gets caputed by Zane
Bad Romance Writer: Jordan Hawley Director: Morgan Beggs January 27, 2011 #1x12
Tarquin goes and end up saveing Rye. Rohan tells Jaden that they should kill Zoey and the others now but Jaden refuse.Alyssa Ball is killed by Anna. Tarquin goes after Anna and trys to kill her but she come close to stakeing him but is soon attack by Rye useing her wicca powers
Hungry,Hungry Vampires Writer: Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson Director: Michael Rohl February 3, 2011 #1x13
Zoey is captuerd by Anna and Logan. Jaden teams up with Zephyr to save her. Xin crys on Carlos sholder attmenting that she will never have Jaden.Rye goes to see Tarquin about something.Jaden give Zoey some of his blood.
Back and Cold Writer: Bryan Miller Director: Tim Scanlan February 10, 2011 #1x14
Veronigue goes out on a date with Logan.Tristan returns and seems to be different.Jaden look into Aquila past and find out that they family
Raining Blood Writer: Template:Geoff Johns Director: Tom Welling #1x15
Its Jaden birthday party he trun 24 and Rohan gives him a gift that shocks him. Xin and Carlos become close.Phil is attacked by out of control Zoey. Tarquin starts to show his feeling for Rye and Rye see that Tristan has been practions magic.Logan tells Anna he plans to use Veronigue to get to Jaden.
Please let me in Writer: Director: Jeannot Szwarc April 2011 #1x16
After Rohan tells Jaden he needs to kill Zoey .Truns for Zephyr for help but finds Tarquin.Zoey feeds on people and has really lost her control ,Rye trys to hold Zoey back but cant and Tristian comes to help her.
Time of dying Writer: Director: April 2011 #1x17
Logan put his plan in action by useing Veronique.Jaden now seen Tristan powers tells him everthing and how Zephyr,Zoey and Tarquin are his friends. Jaden gets a call from Logan tell him to meet him or he will kill his sister.
Love blooms Writer: Director: Justin Hartley #1x18
After being lock up Zoey starts feel that she might have feeling for Jaden but dosn't want to hurt him so she takes of her neckless and trys to die by the sun, Phil stays with Veronique in the hosiptal as a favor to Jaden.Jaden and Tarquin go to find Zoey and Jaden kiss her.
Miss Eagle lady Writer: Director: #1x19
Rye, Xin comepete for miss eagle lady. Tarquin and Rye share a dance , Zephyr gets some more answers from Anna. A new face comes to town Alan Hoyle which is Jaden uncle.
Family matters Writer: Director: #1x20
Zephyr tells Anna this cant be and leaves,Tarquin amitte his feeling fro Rye to Zoey and she amittes her feelings for Jaden.Zephyr tells Jaden about his past and the bad stuff he has done.
My father lives Writer: Director: #1x21
Writer: Director: May 2011 #1x22
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