Mia Dearden is a character Raven new tv series

Mia Dearden
Family Mr,Dearden (father) ,
Mrs Deadren (mother)
birthday October 15, 1989
Status Alive

Early Life

Mia Dearden is a teenage runaway who was abused by her father. Unable to survive on her own, she fell in love with a man who offered her shelter and food in exchange for exploiting her in a child prostitution ring. Mia was rescued from one of her clients, a depraved local politician, by the costumed hero Green Arrow, who had just returned from the dead and to Star City ,the Green Arrow to see Oliver Queen (his real identity) for help, Mia saw through Queen's disguise and became his new ward. Mia continued to work with Oliver, who was busy trying to reconstruct his own life, and after coming upon her crossbow, Ollie began to train her as an archer. Mia continually petitioned Green Arrow to allow her to serve as his sidekick, but Oliver demurred, not wanting to put another teenager at risk.

Powers and abilities

Mia possesses no superhuman abilities, but is an accomplished archer. Unlike Oliver Queen, who relies on simple wooden shafts, Mia, like Ollie, employs trick arrows. In addition to a bow, Mia is also proficient in the use of a crossbow, much to Ollie's dismay. she expanded her training on an island with Oliver and, like her mentor, is now an expert sword fighter.

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant:

  • Skilled Archer:
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