Justin Samuel Duggar
First appearance 14 Children and Pregnant Again
Sign Scorpio
Number 14
Gender Male
Nationality American
Born November 15, 2002 (age 12)
Occupation Student
Parents Jim Bob Duggar
Michelle Duggar
Siblings Joshua Duggar
Caleb Duggar
Jana Duggar
John-David Duggar
Jill Duggar
Jessa Duggar
Jinger Duggar
Joseph Duggar
Josiah Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar
Jedidiah Duggar
Jeremiah Duggar
Jason Duggar
James Duggar
Jackson Duggar
Johannah Duggar
Jennifer Duggar
Jordyn Duggar
Josie Duggar
Jubilee Duggar
Justin Samuel Duggar is the 14th Duggar to be born to Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar. He is also the 9th son to be born.


  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Bible Story: Joseph
  • Favorite Song: Jesus Loves Me
  • Favorite Animals: Giraffe and Zebra
  • Favorite Episode: Bates vs. Duggars Smackdown
  • Jurisdiction: Playroom
  • Favorite School Subject: Math
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Favorite Past-time: Playing with brothers and sisters, helping with the little ones, drawing
  • Favorite Family Trip: Big Sandy, Texas ATI Homeschool Conference
  • Future Plans: learn how to operate cranes, do construction work on big buildings!

Season eleven or twelve

Justin and his older brothers Jedidiah, Jeremiah,and some others were playing with a rope when the rope snapped hitting Justin in the right eye and causing a blood vessel  behind his right eye to burst

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