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Jaden Noctis Duggar
Biographical information
Born March 28 ,1987
Turned Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Killed by Unknown Unknown
Status Alive
Physical description
Species Mindbreaker
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Miscellaneous information
Portrayed By Chace Crawford
Age 24
Name Meaning Combination Of Jay And Aiden
Abilities None
Occupation College Student
Origin Canada Vanouver
Maker None
Family Noctis Alexandra(father)
Sophitia Alexandra (mother,deceased)
Aquila (Ancestor)
Matthew Duggar (adopted father)
Suzanna Duggar (adopted mother)
Veronique (adopted sister)
Sign Unknown
Residence Unknown
Jaden Noctis Alexandra Born to Noctis Alexandra and Sophitia Alexandra he is a mindbreaker . His parents die saveing him . He was a abopted by the Duggars Matthew Duggar and Suzanna Duggar,and is the adopted brother of Veronique Duggar

Early Life

Jaden was born 1987 to Noctis and Sophitia he was born on the day when the planets alined maeking him a mindbreker from his father.His parents where both killed a group of Vampires. Rohan Noctis best friend took Jaden and gave him to the duggars family there he was raise and belived that they where his parents.

Season one

Jaden is 23 will trun 24 in five months , He starts of going to celeberut his friend Tristan Parker birthday.He is liveing a nowith his normal life going to school at Vancouver Unvertisty studying scinces. His father Matthew Duggar had just died. And he just broke up with his girlfriend Alyass Ball.One night walking home he was attack and allmost killed by a vampire.He was save and taken to the hosiptal where the nurse tell him that a young women brought him in.After a few Jaden leaves the hosiptal and meets a women named Zoey Webster,Jaden friend Tristan tells him that his cousin Rye thinks there are witches because of there ansctors.

Its Tristan Birthday party and Jaden ,Phil, Carlos,Xin and Rye are planing a supries party after there favriote place Mystic Bar& grill. Jaden meet Zoey agian


Jaden is brave, smart, kind, caring and nice trys to stay postive no matter what the out come is