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Conner Kent
Vital Statistics
Alias Superboy
Age 17
Race half Kryptonian/ half human clone

Physical Appearance

Much like Lex, he shares the same appearance as him when he was as a child and as a teenager. However, his red hair is able to grow back unlike Lex. When his Human/Kryptonian DNA began to fully evolve, he began to take on the appearance of Clark such as his black hair and also had slowed in his aging, thus looking like Lex when he was a teenager but with Clark's black hair. After learning of his half-Kryptonian nature and his mentoring from Clark, Conner wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a red House of El symbol sewn to his chest which he keeps tucked into his blue jeans with a black leather belt.


When Alexander's manifestation of Clark's DNA begins and turns him into Conner, he begins to display many of the same characteristics as Clark in his personality, such as his sense of justice, attraction to Clark's fiancé Lois and kindness, as well as remorse over his mistakes

Powers and Abilities

  • Invulnerability: Conner's skin was invulnerable against the metal of a syringe laced with cyanide. This was his first manifesting power when his Kryptonian DNA began to take over. Conner was unaffected when he was tackled by Clark Kent into a wall (Beacon, Scion)


  • Healing factor: Tess mentions that Conner's Kryptonian DNA cured his rapid-aging once Conner's powers activated. (Scion)
  • Super strength: He demonstrates superhuman strength, able to lift a tractor in both hands with ease and was able to throw Lois to the other side of a room and knock her unconscious with no effort. He was later able to throw Clark Kent through a wall. He later was able to send Clark Kent flying with a smack. However, he wasn't actually able to hurt Clark. (Scion)

[2]Conner using his heat vision

  • Super speed: Conner demonstrated enough super-speed to run from the top level of the loft to the bottom of the stairs very quickly, but Clark was so fast that he outraced him even though Conner had a head-start. He later used super speed to seduce Lois by stealing items for her and to "save" her. Though he isn't as fast as Clark Kent he is fast enough to appear as a blur. His speed seems to mirror Clark's when he was Conner's age. (Scion)
  • Heat vision: Conner first discovered his heat-vision for the first time when he was aroused by Lois's beauty, just like Clark. It was surprisingly strong compared to teenage Clark's heat vision. At first he could only use it in large, destructive bursts, but was able to master it by the end of the episode to save Clark from kryptonite. (Scion)
  • Super hearing: Conner overheard Clark and Tess talking about him being half-Luthor.
  • X-ray vision :
  • Super breath : is the ability to blow objects away with highly compressed amounts of air.
  • Flight:
  • tactile telekinesis