Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids and four grandkids. Their oldest kid is named Joshua James Duggar married Anna Keller in 2008. They have had three kids. Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus. The next oldest, Jana and her twin John David, are not married and do not have any kids. Three years ago she obtained her First Responders certification and volunteered at the local fire department. John David did the same. Next is Jill. She is 22 years old, and married to Derick Dillard as of June 21. With Derick, she had Israel David. Some of her favorite pastimes include playing the harp and violin, studying Spanish. She is also a certified midwife. She, like her brother and sister, volunteers at the local fire department. Next is Jessa. Age 21 is the second among her siblings to go into a official courtship. She is courting Ben Seewald, age 18. In her spare time she in joys reading books, memorizing scripture and spending time with her family. Plus, she loves to use her gift of organization. After Jessa is 20 year old Jinger. She loves coffee,shopping and photogerphey. She also enjoys playing duets on the piano with Jana. Joseph is the quite type. He also enjoys building things. Josiah is next he likes hanging out at Josh's car lot. He hopes to work for him some day. He is the only Duggar to have broken a major bone. He broke his arm when he was seven years old while climbing a tree in cowboy boots. After Josiah is Joy Anna. She was the youngest girl in her family for 7 years. After her are twins Jedediah and Jeremiah, followed by Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie.

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